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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Syneron.  If you don't find what you're looking for here, please contact us directly.

A: Syneron Medical Ltd. manufactures and distributes medical aesthetic devices that are powered by its proprietary, patented combined-energy technology of bi-polar Radio Frequency (RF) and optical energy (either laser or light).

A: Syneron trades on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ELOS.

A: Syneron was incorporated in the state of Israel in July of 2000.

A: Syneron’s initial public offering (IPO) was completed August 6, 2004. The company sold a total of 5,500,000 shares in the underwritten offering at $12.00 per share, raising $60 million.

A: Syneron announced a secondary offering on March 9, 2005. The company sold a total of Syneron 7,000,000 secondary shares held by employees, directors, and founders at $28.00 per share.

A: Syneron’s principal executive offices are located at:
Industrial Zone,
Tavor Building 4,
P.O. Box 550
Yokneam Illit 20692

Syneron’s primary North American office is located at:
3 Goodyear, Suite A
IRVINE, CA 92618

Syneron has offices and distributors throughout the world which provide service and support, including Asian headquarters in Hong Kong.

A: Syneron operates on a December 31 fiscal year end.

A: Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer, a member of Ernst & Young Global, is Syneron’s auditor.

A: To view a complete list with biographies, click on the Directors and Management links in the Investor Relations section of the Company’s Web site at

A: The Company’s transfer agent is American Stock Transfer and Trust Company.

American Stock Transfer and Trust Company
59 Maiden Lane
Plaza Level
New York, New York 10038

Toll free: 866-668-6550
Local: 718-921-8346
Fax 718-236-2641

A: Syneron does not currently pay a dividend on its common stock.

A: Syneron does not currently offer a direct stock purchase plan.

A: Syneron’s CUSIP number is M87245102.

A: Please visit the Investor Relations page on the Company Web site. A message box is provided in which individual questions can be asked.

A: To be placed on the Company’s e-mail news distribution list, please visit the Email Alerts link in the Investor Relations section of the Company Web site.

A: A complete list of covering analysts can be found by clicking on the Analysts link.

A: Syneron files periodic reports with the SEC, including:
· Annual Report on Form 20-F
· Quarterly Reports on Form 6-K, incorporating:
o Quarterly Earnings Results
o Proxy Statement
o Annual Report to Shareholders

These filings can be obtained from the SEC Filings link on the Investor Relations section of the Company Web site or by visiting

A: Syneron’s upcoming events can be found by clicking on the Calendar link on the Investor Relations page of the Company’s Web site.

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